Keurig Guides How to Store Your K-Cups: A Guide to the Best K-Cup Storage Holders and Carousels

How to Store Your K-Cups: A Guide to the Best K-Cup Storage Holders and Carousels How to Store Your K-Cups: A Guide to the Best K-Cup Storage Holders and Carousels Hot

You’ve discovered and fallen in love with your Keurig Single Serve Home Coffee Brewer. You are brewing your own customized cups of your favorite coffee and teas. You love the simplicity of your brewer and the ease of use of the K-Cup system. There’s only one problem: Where do you store all of the amazing options you have in K-Cups? Rather than hiding your Keurig K-Cups away in a cupboard and having to get the clunky boxes out every time you want to brew a mug of coffee, there are some handy, convenient and attractive K-Cup storage options that are certainly worth checking out!

K-Cup-Basket_thumbK-Cup Storage Baskets (av. price $22.95) - The first option for K-Cup storage is a K-Cup storage basket. Much more attractive than loose K-Cup all over your counter, the double-layered wire basket set offered from Green Mountain Coffee is the perfect way to store many K-Cups at once. A great match for any of the Keurig brewers, this K-Cup holder will help you organize, display and store all of your favorite K-Cups.


k-cup-tower_thumbKeurig K-Cup Tower (av. price $24.95) - Made from the Keurig people themselves, this Keurig K-Cup Tower is the picture of style and convenience. Spinning smoothly to offer a 360-degree view of up to thirty K-Cups, you can maximize your storage space while giving guests the view they want. An excellent option for a kitchen counter space or even a small office break room, the K-Cup tower is durable and built-to-last for cup after cup of brewing fun.


kcup-tree_thumbK-Cup Tree (av. price $22.95) - Small, and stylish, the K-Cup tree is the perfect storage option for any Keurig brewer fan. Made to hold thirty-five K-Cups, you can show off all of your favorite flavors at once, giving guests the ability to find just the brew they were hoping for. Spinning on its base, the K-Cup tree will take up little space on your countertop and will help you declutter and organize your coffee nook.


k-cup-carousel_thumbK-Cup Carousel (av. price $19.95) - Designed to offer the optimal view of all of your favorite K-Cup flavors, the K-Cup Carousel rotates, making choosing your brew a breeze. Chrome plated or black to match your Keurig brewer, the sleek design will fit in with any kitchen or office space. The rubber base will prevent slipping and the small footprint takes up little space on your counter. Give the K-Cup Carousel a spin and see why Keurig fans everywhere are choosing this simple storage solution.

black-carousel_thumbBlack K-Cup Carousel (av. price $19.95) - True to the Keurig style, the Black K-Cup Carousel offers the ultimate in choice to every Keurig user. Easily store twenty-seven of your favorite K-Cups and give all of your friends and family the ability to view your entire collection at once. No more bulky boxes. No more cluttered mess on your counter. A K-Cup carousel is a handy and attractive display to match with any kitchen or office coffee space. With a non-slip rubber base and the option to have chrome or black, the K-Cup Carousel is just what you need to get organized.

red-mini-carousel_thumbMini K-Cup Red Carousel (av. price $17.95) - Perfect for kitchen with little counter space or for traveling, the Mini K-Cup Red Carousel is a sturdy and stylish way to display eighteen of your favorite K-Cups. A great match for the Keurig Mini Brewer or any of the Keurig Single-Serve Brewers, this carousel will allow your friends and guests to see all of their options in one convenient location. No more pawing through boxes and containers or taking up cabinet space, the Mini K-Cup Carousel is the best way to store your K-Cups.

mini-black-carousel_thumbMini K-Cup Black Carousel (av. price $17.95) - Stylish and convenient, the Mini K-Cup Black Carousel is the perfect K-Cup holder for any small space. Despite its small footprint, this K-Cup rack can hold up to eighteen of your favorite blends. With the tops facing out, choosing your favorite one is only a spin away. Ideal for a small office, dorm or kitchen corner, the Mini K-Cup Black Carousel is a great gift idea for any Keurig lover.

4_24_rackKeurig K-Cup Rack for 4 Boxes (av. price $46) - This stylish K-Cup rack is ideal for the serious Keurig user. Designed to fit four of your favorite 25-count K-Cup boxes, you can easily make sure that you are prepared for any guest’s taste. Great for an office space, this rack includes keyhole slots for easy wall mounting. There is also a removable condiment tray, allowing you to keep all of your coffee essentials in one handy location. Clean up your counter space and create a pleasing display of your favorite K-Cups with the Keurig K-Cup Rack for 4 Boxes.

8_24_rackKeurig K-Cup Rack for 8 Boxes (av. price $50) - Wall mountable and sturdy, the Keurig K-Cup Rack for 8 boxes gives you ample space for storing all of your K-Cups. Ideal for an office or break room, you can put up to eight 25-count boxes of K-Cups on this rack at once. Also, there are three convenient and removable condiment sections to help store all of your coffee extras. Clear off your counter space and give all of your Keurig user access to their favorite blends with the Keurig K-Cup Rack for 8 Boxes.

4_24_wire_rackKeurig K-Cup Wire Rack for 4 Boxes (av. price $30) - Sturdy and convenient, the Keurig K-Cup Wire Rack for 4 Boxes is the easiest way to store all of your favorite K-Cup flavors in one handy location. Ideal for sitting on a counter or in a kitchen pantry, the clean lines and minimal design make this a great space-saving option. Store up to four 25-count K-Cup boxes and have all of your coffee and teas in one place.

8_24_wire_rackKeurig K-Cup Wire Rack for 8 Boxes (av. price $41) For the ultimate Keurig fan, the Keurig K-Cup Wire Rack for 8 Boxes will store months’ worth of K-Cups in one convenient location. This sturdy, freestanding rack can fit up to eight 25-count K-Cup boxes, making it ideal for a pantry or office space. Give friends and family all of the K-Cup options they want in one place and free up your counter space with this attractive and useful K-Cup organizer.

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How to Store Your K-Cups: A Guide to the Best K-Cup Storage Holders and Carousels 2010-01-11 02:29:10 Jessi
Commented by Jessi    January 11, 2010
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I'm impressed that there are so many options to choose from. Whether you have a lot of space, no space, tall space, short space. It looks like there's something from everyone. I just love anything organizational. :)

How to Store Your K-Cups: A Guide to the Best K-Cup Storage Holders and Carousels 2010-03-09 14:57:53 AJ Johnson
Commented by AJ Johnson    March 09, 2010
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Sounds like a good gift idea!

I like all the storage solutions shown here. I'll be asking the family to pick one for me!! Right now, I have to resort to using a large bowl. It's not a bad idea and looks a LOT better than the big boxes they come in. Check it out in the photos folders of my profile.


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