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Keurig recently introduced two new small commercial brewers (single serve office coffee) to their line of coffee making products. The Keurig B150 and Keurig B155 are designed for use in offices where the household brewers may be too small. These new brewers feature full-color touchscreen interfaces which allow users to customize drinks. Step-by-step directions for how to prepare a variety of drinks display on the touchscreen, making the commercial brewers user-friendly and efficient.

Keurig Office Coffee Brewers:

  • Keurig B140 Office Coffee Brewer (Small office)
  • Keurig B145 Office Pro Coffee Brewer (Small office and conference rooms)
  • Keurig B150 Office Coffee Brewer (Small-Medium office)
  • Keurig B155 Office Coffee Brewer (Small-Medium office, Home office)
  • Keurig B200 Office Coffee Brewer (Medium office with up to 30 employees)
  • Keurig B3000SE Office Coffee Brewer (Large office)

Like all Keurig brewers, the new commercial machines utilize the single serve feature for a perfect cup of coffee with each use. Users choose from a variety of gourmet flavors of coffee in K-Cup coffee pods that are inserted into the brewer during preparation. The commercial brewers also incorporate the water reservoir that household brewer users are familiar with. These reservoirs are Keurig’s largest and have energy-saving controls for heating water.

The Keurig B150 and Keurig B155 are upgrades from the B200, which Keurig introduced a few years ago as an alternative single serve coffee maker for small businesses. For larger businesses, Keurig offers the B3000SE. The B3000SE is perfect for companies of 30 or more employees and offers back-to-back brewing every 60 seconds. The two new brewers in the commercial series boast quiet brew technology, as well as the upgraded touchscreen. They also offer four brewing sizes, while the older B200 model only offers two.

Larger commercial brewers such as the B3000SE and the B200 are only available through Keurig distributors because they require additional installation and set-up than the smaller models. The B150 and B155 are available for purchase online, or through a Keurig distributor.

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