Keurig Guides Save Money on Coffee K Cups - Tips that any Keurig owner should know about!

Save Money on Coffee K Cups - Tips that any Keurig owner should know about! Save Money on Coffee K Cups - Tips that any Keurig owner should know about! Hot

Buying your favorite coffees week after week can certainly get expensive. But luckily, if you are a Keurig lover, there are a few ways that you can save money while still enjoying your favorite blends. Check out these money-saving tips that any Keurig owner should know about.

My K-Cup (av. price $14.95) - The easiest way to save money on your Keurig single-serve brewing at home is to purchase the My K-Cup filter system. Made by Keurig, My K-Cup lets you choose your own ground coffee and brew it over and over through your Keurig Single Cup Coffee Maker. The simple to use system gives you a delicious, perfectly brewed cup of coffee every time using your own grinds. Comprised of three parts - the cap, the stem and the gold filter basket - simply fill the basket with your choice of grinds, place the basket in the stem and seal it with the cap. No mess, no fuss, you are brewing in no time! And clean up is a breeze, simply open the cap, toss the beans and wash the reusable filter basket. Convenience and reliability all for less than twenty dollars! For a few days’ worth of coffee from a coffee shop, you can have your own gourmet version right at home for weeks. A smart and affordable alternative, Keurig My K-Cup is a great money saver.
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- Green Mountain Coffee

My-Kap (av. price $14.99) - At up to fifty cents a cup, K-Cups can add up for a serious coffee drinker. But My-Kap offers a great money-saving alternative for any Keurig single-serve brewer. Designed to be used right on top of your used K-Cup containers, My-Kap gives you the ability to brew with your own grinds and reuse the plastic, making it economically and environmentally friendly! Unlike the My K-Cup filters, you can use the My-Kap many many times before disposing of it and it is even dishwasher safe. Each My-Kap system comes with at least 2 Kaps in a variety of colors and one removal tool for easy, no fuss clean up after each use. Also available is a My-Kap cleaning brush to make clean up even easier. For the serious coffee drinker who is looking to save some money, My-Kap is an excellent system for any Keurig user.
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Perfect Pod EZ-Cup (av. price $13.29) - An affordable alternative to pricey K-Cups, the Perfect Pod EZ-Cup system is one of the cheapest ways to use your Keurig single-serve home brewer. EZ-Cup allows you to use any coffee grinds of your choice in a neat, reusable cup that fits perfectly in your brewer. To use, all you do is place an EZ-Cup filter in the plastic cup, fill with your favorite coffee, place the lid on tightly, and insert the cup into your Keurig brewer as usual. In seconds, you’ll have a perfectly brewed cup of coffee or tea that tastes just as good as the real K-Cup would. With the use of the EZ-Cup filter, cleaning up after your cup has brewed is as easy as tossing the filter and rinsing the plastic cup. Enjoy the freedom to mix your own blends, experiment with flavors, and save money in the process.
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Coffee Clubs (K-Cups) and Discounts Online - If you simply can’t part with your K-Cups, there are other money-saving options that can help you get all of your favorite coffees and teas at discount prices. One option that is increasingly popular among Keurig lovers is to join a coffee club through the manufacturer of the K-Cups they regularly use and love. For example, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters has a member service called Café Express in which you can enjoy a 10% discount on products and $1 off each bag of coffee that you purchase. Also, get the scoop on deals and free shipping. Likewise, at, you can join their Coffee Club free of charge and receive free gifts, discounts, scheduled deliveries and more. A great choice for anyone who has a regular coffee-drinking schedule, coffee clubs can also be a simple and convenient way to save a bundle.
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- Café Express K-Cup Coffee club by Green Mountain Coffee
- Subscribe and Save on Keurig Coffee K-Cups
- Coffee Club at - Save on K-Cups

Equally as economical are the wide range of coupons and discounts that can be found online. By simply buying your K-Cups online, you can save money and get the best flavors that can’t always be found in the supermarket. are excellent source of the latest coupons, giveaways and deals offered right from the coffee makers themselves. Joining online coffee sites is a fantastic way to see some big savings.
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Handy bit of information to have on hand.

Thanks Igor for this information. It helps to make an informed decision. I have used on the my K-cup version and I like it, minus-the clean up. I'm probably going to try the pod-version soon to give a review on it. Thanks again for always being on top of the latest Keurig information.


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